Principia Capital is searching for the right company to acquire and operate long-term.  Our focus is on profitable and growing companies.  We are flexible in our financing terms and require a majority interest in the business.  

Financial Critera

  • $5-$50 million in revenue
  • $1-$5 Million EBITDA
  • High Profit Margins >15%
  • History of strong and predictable cash flows
  • Low capital expenditure requirement

Company Criteria

  • Recurring revenue
  • Growing customer base, high customer retention
  • Dedicated employees
  • Strong middle management

Situational Criteria

  • Owner seeking liquidity and/or exit their business 
  • Owner wants focused role (e.g., sales, technology) 
  • Serial entrepreneur ready for next venture


Not all companies will meet each of the above criteria, and that's ok.  Our criteria is simply a starting point for considerations and we encourge you to contact us to share your thoughts and explore opportunities.

For referrals to businesses that results in a closed transaction a finder's fee may be available.

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Principia Capital offers significant value to sellers above other buyout options and has a streamlined process

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