Selling a business is a significant life event and for many sellers is more than just receiving a large check. Common mental hurdles owners have when considering to sell their business are typically non-financial and include employee matters, protecting the legacy of the business, and most importantly confidence in a buyer.

The Benefits Principia Capital Offers

Principia Capital are entrepreneurs looking for one business to acquire and operate for the long-term.  We are committed to protecting your business, the legacy you have established, and have more flexibility than larger buyout firms or strategic buyers.


Every seller's situation is unique and we want to structure a transaction that will meet the needs of a seller. We have no pre-set structure, are free from bureaucracy, and offer the ultimate transaction flexibility and liquidity options.


Our promise is to be upfront and clear with sellers. From day one we will be transparent, and openly communicate. We guarantee responsiveness and are always available to you.


A seller's business and employees will benefit from the depth of operational experience our Partners offer. We have the capability to protect the reputation a seller has built and will ensure your business will live on for generations.


We are committed to retaining and developing a seller's employees. We will respect the culture you have established and will build upon that to realize the growth and development we seek in an acquisition.

The Principia Advantage