Principia Capital's Partners recognize the importance of an owner's decision to sell their business.  We are here to help you better understand the process of selling your business and answer any questions you may have.


Steps to Completing a Transaction with Principia Capital

1. Initial Contact


The Principia Team is always available for a call

2. Build Relationship, Share Information

We want to learn more about you and your company and also share our story

3. Preliminary Agreement on Terms & Price

High-level conversations help identify common goals & determine our fit

4. Site Visit


Meeting in-person is an important step and allows the relationship to develop

5. Letter of Intent

A document is drafted that lays the foundation for the deal terms

6. Due Diligence

This process involves acquiring in-depth and detailed information on your business (financial, legal, Accounting, etc.)

7. Complete Agreement & Close Transaction

The transaction documents are completed, funds are transferred

8. Ownership is Transitioned

The agreed upon transition begins

All conversations with any member of the Principia Capital Team will be held in strict confidence